A bright social future

In this series of three blog posts, I have explored how technology can influence the future of social media, and the potential dark sides that can arise. What about the bright side, the reason “everyone” is using social media? There must be a reason social media has such an enormous growth rate. Social media adding positive value to people’s lives might just be the reason. What good might social media do for us in the future?

A study done on Facebook show us that status updates from friends on social media actually make us happier, because the emotions from positive status updates make a larger impact than the negative ones. Friends, empathy, speedy communication and keeping in touch with the world are also mentioned as positive things that comes with the use of social media. I personally believe that being able to stay in touch with people from all over the world is the number one benefit of social media. It feels good to know that I can keep contact with wonderful people that I meet as I go along. Like, how are those people I met on vacation five years ago and what are they doing now?


Social media connecting the world (Source: Friends International Center)

With future technology in mind, I wonder how my relationships with people I have met from around the world will develop. Perhaps developers of social media platforms will find a way to make it easier to stay in touch. Will there be reunions where you perhaps use Virtual Reality glasses to re-experience moments with those people? Being an international student in this particular moment of time, I would love for something like this to come true.

A part of something bigger

According to the Huffington Post, social media is not only about interacting with other people. They claim that newer generations like the millennials are craving to be part of a positive social impact on the world, by using social media to raise awareness on businesses corporate social responsibility. How good is that, if we can actually make the world a better place because of social media? Even the Arab Spring, a civil uprising in the Middle East to force dictators from power, was partly sparked by social media. Will social media be a future platform for the people to establish world peace, or maybe even prevent World War III? That would be a great example of how social media connect people worldwide.

The bright future

It is safe to assume that social media is here to stay. It is hard to predict how social media will be in the future, and how it will affect us. Considering how much closer we are today than just 15 years ago, how connected will we be in the future? Will we share thoughts instead of status updates in 2050? I hope that the human race pushes it in the right direction, where it will do good for humanity. I hope that social media will bring us closer together, also in a way that encourages us to interact more in real life. I hope I will take part of the continued amazing journey that social media has in store. What do you hope for social media to become?